We turn spaces into your most useful tool.

"Good design is more than functionality, beautiful finishes or furniture, but the understanding of each project's complexity. It’s about breaking mental boundaries, creating a unique story to collect experiences and materializing them within a place. Consequently, it should be about people; owners, workers and customers. Therefore, each project achieves an individual response to the client's requirements, its vision and the environment where it will be located"


In the last years, we have designed, procured and/or executed over than 55,000 sqm divided in 12 hospitality, F&B, retail or residential interior design projects in Qatar, UAE, Oman, Maldives, France and Spain.


Dot arch is a studio engaged in design, procurement and fit out works for interior design projects. We are a multi-disciplinary team, compound by architects, interior designers, engineers and quantity surveyors.The studio primarily operates from Spain with a worldwide span, deploying the working team up to the client and the project’s needs.

Interior Design & Architecture

We consider Interior design as a collaborative process that starts by listening the clients vision, needs & dreams.

No matter of the project size, our team, helped by the expert advice of manufacturers and trades, will care of turning it in a successful reality.

For us, design services does not end by the presentation of the ID project. Further of it, we support during the construction phase with site visits and shop drawings reviews till the opening day. Our commitment goes through the commissioning & handover process up to the opening day.


Successful Procurement starts by catching the ID intents and understanding the owner’s standards to spread it to providers, manufacturers and retailers.

We care about materials, finishing and details to meet the project goals. We manage the manufacturing, shipments and handover to warranty everything is set up on the expected opening day.

Centralizing procurement means saving time by dealing with only one company and controlling the project with just one Status Report.

Fit out

For us, a deep knowledge of the project is the only way to turn into reality as it was conceived. As designers, we are close to understand the intents, even if it wasn't developed by us.

During the construction phase, we provide filtered solutions   for the shop drawings and we solve site work issues while preserving the design nature.

We develop carefully the planning schedule in advance to avoid any delay. At the same time, our procurement department spreads it expertise to deliver the materials just on time. 


Marco A Cardenas
Founder & Design Director